BAWBP, Inc. now has a corporate phone number. Please call or text if you encounter problems with the locks or gates or other issues. Save it to your cell phone!


DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED on Bid-A-Wee Beach – or any beach in PCB or Bay County that is not designated for dogs. Owners can be fined from $100 – $500 for taking dogs onto the beaches.

The Police Department would like for anyone seeing this happen to call 850-233-5000 and a patrol will be sent to the beach. The city provides a dog beach for those on leashes at the city pier.

For those who rent property here, please notify your renters of this ordinance so they’re not fined and embarrassed.


2022-2024 will see many changes to our beach park.

  • We currently park on the right-of-way of Front Beach Road (FBR). We will lose that parking with the new road (and construction). 
  • Boardwalk #3 needs to be rebuilt. Plans are to widen and reinforce it. This should be done prior to road construction beginning since we will have no area to place the dumpster, workers to haul lumber and safely work. 
  • 2 gates must be moved onto our property that are currently on the right-of-way
  • Some fencing will need to be moved
  • We are working with the CRA and DEP on building golf cart parking in a few locations on our property, at our expense and work them into our existing boardwalks, at our expense
  • Road construction should take about 18-24 months once it begins which is currently planned for Spring, 2022. If the project progresses as planned, our section of FBR will be under construction into 2024

These improvements will be expensive. If you have not joined, please consider helping this year!

2021-22 Board of Directors