Dear BAW Neighbor:
Thank you for contacting us regarding the use of the beach park access to hold a function on the
beach. The following are some guidelines we must follow to meet the terms of our liability insurers
and some rules we have established for social functions on the beach.

  1. The function must be the responsibility of the resident/property owner of our Bid-AWee
  2. We must receive a Hold Harmless Agreement to be filled out and signed prior to the
    event taking place which protects BAWBP, Inc. from any liability connected with the
    event. The attached Agreement must be signed by the responsible BAW property owner
    and provide any additional names involved with oversight of the event (i.e. “wedding for
    the name”). Please also provide the name of any commercial vendor connected with the
  3. No commercial vendor or person not residing in the BAW Community may be given the
    gate codes for the event.
    a) Someone must meet the vendor to give them access during the time of setup and take
    b) Someone must work the gate before, during, and after the event so that the gate is not
    tied open and the code is not given to numerous guests.
  4. All decorations/supplies/chairs related to the function must be removed from the beach
    and any trash cleaned up and off the beach immediately following the event.
  5. The set-up should not be directly off the exit onto the beach of any crosswalk. No
    crosswalk or exit should be blocked at any time. If resident beachgoers are on the beach,
    the function should be set up so as to not interfere with or crowd them.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: If you have not paid dues for the current year, we ask that you
    pay them; it is a small fee for a function venue so beautifully maintained. The only funds
    we have available to maintain our crosswalks and the pristine condition of our beach park
    are membership dues. Hopefully, you already share with your fellow residents the
    responsibility of the maintenance of our beach park by joining, but if you have not joined,
    please send your check in the amount of $100 to BAWBP, INC.; PO BOX 9745;