Effective the Annual Meeting of Members, June 7, 2014:

Annual dues should be paid as close as possible to the first Saturday of each June, when the membership year actually begins.

• A “Member in Good Standing” is defined as: Any owner of property in the BAW Community that has paid membership dues for the current fiscal year. Each parcel or lot for which an owner pays dues is eligible for one vote

• Membership voted to remove the sentence from the Bylaws (Article II: Voting Rights and Dues; B.) which required up to three years payment of past unpaid dues to be reinstated as a voting member. Therefore, payment of dues for past years is no longer required.

• Beginning January, 2015, annual dues are $100. Owners of multiple lots may choose to pay $50 for each additional lot (after $100 for the first lot) and have a vote for each lot for which dues are paid.  Annual membership dues should be paid around the start of each membership year, which is the first Saturday of each June.  Although we accept payment after the Annual Meeting, we request you mail your dues by May 1st so we have time to process your payment and return your membership card.

• Membership, with full privileges, is simple: Pay the dues for the current year for at least one parcel you own in the Bid-A-Wee Community. You have a vote for each parcel for which you pay dues. JOIN NOW! Help share the responsibility of taking care of crosswalks, fencing and preserving the amenity of our dedicated beach that is for every property owner in our community.

• We need your support. We greatly appreciate many residents that have contributed more than the minimum dues to help us raise necessary funds.

Effective 2020:

PLEASE NOTE:  The Board determined that for the purpose of membership, if you own more than one adjoining parcel but all are listed as one address on the Bay County Property Appraiser’s website, you are eligible for one membership.  Each address reflecting a different street number is considered separate properties for the purpose of eligibility for membership.